Friday, June 10, 2011

Glass Blowing in Munich

One of the museums I enjoyed the most in Munich was the Deutsch Museum. That's right, the German Museum. And with a name like that you'd think it would house the greatest of the German masters - but actually, it's a science museum!
And a mighty fine one at that. From rooms of engines and how they works to loads of information about electricity and metallurgy.

It was completely inspirational, and if you are ever there - don't try to do it in one day! It would take a week to fully appreciate each section. What i loved about it was that it included the development of hand craft into industries just like it did the development of the engine or electricity.

They had an entire glass, ceramics and textiles wings! Here are some photos of their small glass area where they had live demos each hour of an artists creating some works that are then available in the shop. He sat there behind rows upon rows of small animals - from unicorns, foxes, to insects and pigs, he really had everything. It reminded me of my grandmothers little glass horse collection that i was always so sure cameo out of a cereal box or something. But maybe there were handmade after all!

We sat and watch him create a decorative calligraphy pen and add some texture to the shaft by adding more class in spirals up the side. So beautiful and mesmerizing - I love to see a master at work!

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