Monday, June 13, 2011


Much of what i know about Cy Twombly has been learned from the years I worked at Christie's Auction House. Having seen some of his works in person previously, they had all fit the same model - abstract doodles in muted gray color palettes. I liked them, but didn't know they could be like this! The Munich Contemporary Art Museum had rooms full of Twomblys! (which does seem a bit odd for an American artist to be so well represented without the name cache of say Warhol)Everything about the works represented were at odds with what i had known about Twombly - there were flowers, and words, and storylines and COLOR! I could have gone through these rooms over and over again. The bright colors in high contrast really energized the pieces along with the broad brush strokes and drips.

This one room at the Brandhorst was all to commemorate the sea battle of Lepanto in 1571 in Greece.
I was so struck by the contrasting colors and vibrancy of the paintings i created some color palettes based off of them to reference to - who knows they could turn up in some of my tee shirts.

-KimmKimmChi // Graphic tees + other women's clothing
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