Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portland Feature: Dessert Labs

If there is one thing i love more than shopping handmade, it's talking to shop owners about their businesses, and strategies they have had that have helped them succeed.

Well one such shop is the infamous Dessert Labs. Infamous here in New York as an active member of The {NewNew} as Karen's Monsters for a year who moved to the East Coast to start Dessert Labs with her husband and head chef.

Talk about a Kickstarter plan that worked! Their plan was easily funded for friends, family and referrals and they found the perfect place to set up shop in Portland's web of supported businesses and and tons of peer help and tips from the giving community. Servicing the niche market of gluton free cakes and cookies, they employ a couple of great techniques that keep em coming back.

1. They sell food on Etsy. Yippee! I feel like just being in the food category helps them stand out in an under represented category of Etsy.
2. They use their newsletter wisely
They don't spam, but have actual informative and useful content to send out weekly (their menu changes each week, so what a great way to keep fans in the know)!
3. Boxed for your convenience!
They keep them coming back by selling weekly boxes to service your weekly cookies, bread and bagel needs, how ingenious! Would be great to be on the yearly plan, and not have to worry about where your bread is coming from.

I must personally recommend the gluten free candied orange shortbread - SO YUMMY


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