Friday, March 4, 2011

The Art of Trillium

What a great recent trip to Portland! So much artistic support and really great work!
One of my stops was out with the Trillium Artisans, local non-profit and Etsy Team. I was so impressed with their organization and their ability to really help their artists. They were great to meet and we fielded questions about Etsy and some of the new changes. Browsing the store, i was amazed at the diversity of artists work that was not very jewelry centric and all kept to the theme of upycyling or recycling in a beautiful and artisanal way.
I bought a pair of earrings from Sword And Fern (that resemble the ones to the left but since all of her work is OOAK, not the exact ones), a great skirt made from tee shirts and fake food for my nephew from Pickle Things! At age 1 and a half, he needs plush bacon and eggs to play with! I left feeling really happy and excited to see some great work from the west coast that was all wonderfully local and new to me!


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