Friday, May 14, 2010

Better Than Jam Co-op Shop at the 9th Avenue Food Fair

I think you can tell when you've made it when 1 million shoppers get a look at your wares.... well then this must be my weekend to "make it" because apart from taking my crafty road trip down to Philly, I'll also be splitting a booth at my favorite New York Street Fair - The Ninth Avenue Food Fair! Because of The {NewNew}'s success with Crafts in Chelsea, they were invited by the Ninth Street Associationo to participate in the Food Fair in a special Etsy Handmade Pavillion!
Double Woot!The fair attracts 1 million hungry New Yorkers each year. They shop, eat and drink all the way up and down 9th Avenue from 42nd Street to 57th - it's quite a sight. I jumped at the chance to vend, because i know how popular this fair is! I still go with my Dad every year, it's our tradition, and even though I'll be in philly, the Better Than Jam Handmade Co-op will be representing the KimmChi line [thanks!]

Check out the Etsy Pavillion between 55th and 56th streets and look for these colorful flags to distinguish your local handmade vendors.