Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've found the perfect face scrub!

For year's i've rotated around, going from noxema to oatmeal scrubs, buf pufs and the whole caboodle trying to find the perfect solution for my combination skin. This past year i've been really trying to green up the products i use throughout my house, from my toothpaste to my dish soap - and that includes shampoo and soaps, so i was thrilled when a friend of mine suggested i try her sugar scrub as a face scrub (I was secretly trying to peer-pressure her into making oatmeal scrubs, but she said she didn't feel like she could stand by a product like that, like she could her own soaps, lip balms and scrubs).

I had initially asked her if she made an oatmeal scrub as i was used to seeing those in the store, but actually the sugar scrub works far better for me. The sugar really exfoliates my skin and digs out impurities that i always felt i was just grinding into my skin with a buf puf.

I'm hooked!
and the smell is great - yum lavendar.

You can find her this weekend at Crafts in Chelsea WHEN: Saturday May 8, 2010, 10am – 5pm
WHERE: 21st street between 8-9 Avenues, NYC :: Look for Nordea Soaperie!