Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I bought at Brooklyn Indie Market - Pt 1

I used The {NewNew} day this past weekend at Brooklyn Indie Market to get some vital shopping and trading in before the holidays. Because I um, went a little overboard, i will share my purchases in two installments.


Day one was great fun, despite the awful rain! I was stationed in between KnitKnit and WindowsOfAgate. Both of whom I have purchased from in the past! I own this stunning necklace from KnitKnit and I bought my nephew his first doggie from WindowsOfAgate - an adorable little plush dachshund who came with his own name and personality (he likes sci-fi!). I did get a very adorable ornament and necklace from KnitKnit this time around. The ornament will be the first on my Christmas tree this year - a fantastic brown eye ball :) YAY Similar to these earrings. And I also got this really cool necklace - a simple cord with a button and some hand sewn elements - very cool and sorta of organic looking... I love it.

And before I even got there that day, i knew I wanted two hats from Rocks and Salt. I hadn't seen them at Brooklyn Indie Market in a while, so was thrilled they were there both days. I knoew I wanted a little cap and a slouchy hat because i see Fofolle wearing it all the time, and since I want to be her, i figured i could start with the hat.

And who was the one that got away on Saturday... the one i regret not buying - May Luk! I have given gifts of May Luk ceramics as well as buying this gorgeous vase for myself, and this time i was enamored of what i call the Magritte plate - a fancy little bowler hat and bicycle - OH MAN do i regret not getting it - can't stop thinking about it... should have offered a sweet trade... May if you read this - you know what i want!