Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What I bought at Brooklyn Indie Market - Pt 2

at Brooklyn Indie Market

I was more on a mission and had scouted out what i wanted to get and had some gifts in mind - plus there were new vendors at Brooklyn Indie Market, so I had to peruse the new wares. New vendors that day included housewares by Peppersprouts, dresses and by Better Than Jam, women's and children's clothing by Vyphuis Designs, cards by Little Bunny and Jewelry by Wish By Felicity.

SPOILER ALERT - if you are a member of my family, please do not continue reading as some of your gifts will be mentioned below!

I have seen Rebecca Shepherd jewelry around and truly love each collection she comes out with. This Gong Collection is just gorgeous - simple, elegant and wearable with almost anything - perfect for my sister! So I got this lovely necklace and matching earrings.

Next up on the gift front was stocking stuffers! We love to fill the stockings with sort of unique items that are always a surprise. I thought Nordea Soaperie's felted soaps were perfect for this! Great unisex stocking stuffers - one of her classic soaps with a hand felted exterior to provide exfoliation as you scrub, and the best thing is as you use it the felting shrinks and wraps tighter around the soap. And she's just awesome, i could pick the color pallete and soap i wanted for my custom gifts - just perfect!

Every year for Christmas, I try to buy my sister one new ornament for her Christmas tree, and this year i was so happy that Peppersprouts started doing these great laser cut ornaments! This is a little dear repeated in a circle, i love it - and so will our Christmas Tree!

My other tremendous splurge cam in the form of tons of new Better Than Jam clothes that were on sale and i just couldn't resist buying that top, dress and skirt i always wanted.