Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are you planting your fire escape Garden?

Each year, i get a bit bolder and bigger with my fire escape garden. Trying to learn from past year's aphid infestation or over planting to be a mix of things i can use in the house with my cooking.
My Fire Escape Garden germination and planting schedule

This year Karen Lee introduced me to this great free app called Smart Gardener. You plug in what you want to plant and the dimensions of your growing space and it schedules germination, planting and lays out the space - Brilliant! And just the sort of tool I needed to keep organized!

What am i planting this year?
Peppers - swapping these out from last year's tomatoes which were just so much work!
cucumber - I've never done these before, but hoping the vine will take to the fire escape! No germination time, love it
Edamame - I experimented last year and it shot up like a rocket and then i didn't know what to do with it! I want to give them room to grow and have some delish bean

I've already started the peppers in doors, but the rest of much shorter germination times, so won't be much prep for another two weeks when i'll start the chives and oregano indoors before transplanting everything in late April/May. Last year my mint grew like wild fire and then it got so hot burned up! Ergh!

Do you have photos or tales of your on fire escape garden? I'd love to hear about them!

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