Saturday, August 13, 2011

July How-To Round Up!

So many great tutorials around, and i've just been too hot to do many of them, but i did re-enact my own super easy Roasted Red Pepper Tutorial with some great red peppers - yum, canned and ready for next week!

Make your own Polymer clay on the NewNew Blog which completely reminds me of hours spent making my own make-and-bake clay as a kids, which oddly resembled dense bread after baking. This stuff tho, looks like sculpey - how excellent.

Also loving this tutorial on making your own faux oil cloth by Imperfectly beautiful! Just gets the creative juices flowing. Who knew they made iron on vinyl?

And these lovely videos show you how to make a crochetted "crocodile stitch". Something I'd never seen before and am completely dying to try, it looks so cool!

Also take a look at this lovely template for chinese food container packaging! I love it and can see myself obsessively making these! I'm like that.

Happy crafting!

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