Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent projects - the garden to knitting!

Making can take so many creative forms in my household - from creating a wonderful dinner out of what's in the fridge to using some of my old projects to create knew ones! (i guess that could happen with dinner to! LOL)

I'd like to share some of the recent projects i've been working on:


I love growing things, but it's so hard in an apartment! I've tried the Aero Garden (thumbs up, except the copper connectors need tons of maintenance to not rust and work properly), fire escape tomatoes (fail, no fruit) and now basil hydro planters (success!) And here was my birthday present to myself - a slew of herbs and flowers to go into my new fire escape flower boxes.


One great on the go project I've been working on are cozies for my new hydro planters. I realized it's a great way to add some polish to my plant shelf and make it look a bit cohesive and brighten it up! I'll be doing all my cozies in whites and creams.


Doing some show display maintenance by silkscreening some KimmChi screens for Renegade! Look for a how-to and inspirational post coming soon.


I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, working out patterns and integrating some of my new silkscreen designs into some fabric. This is a muslin i created for fitting - that orange not the most flattering on me, but a fun color to work with. More posts to come soon with sewing updates.

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