Friday, April 22, 2011

Handmade took over Hell's Kitchen, YAY!

For the first time, handmade invaded the Hell's Kitchen Flea market with The {NewNew} on April 10.

I think reviews from both groups, and customers was great, so hopefully you'll be seeing a bit more handmade at your local market :)

I must say, i was really impressed with their blog and twitter coverage of the market each week! What a great resource to know what's going on at your local market LIVE!

It goes without saying that i did my fair share of handmade shopping as i slipped away from my bargain tee shirt misprint bins and headed over to the booth of Lola Falk Designs and Knock Knock Studio - two artists whose work i really adore.

All truth be told, i came to the event knowing that i would purchase one of Lola Falk Designs' new wallets as my super special Queen Bee handmade wallet recently cracked down the middle and the vinyl started peeling away (It was a GREAT wallet that i loved dearly for a good 4 years), but it was time to move on. I first spotted her new wallets on her flickr feed and knew i had to have one. I love the bold colors, and getting one in my hands, the leather is super soft.

Conveniently Lola Falk Designs was right next to Knock Knock studio, another handmade artists that i love! And whom i had bookmarked for a present for myself! I love her small stud earrings and toyed between the gold, brass and sterling silver varieties. In the end, I did go with the brass ones for their super small size, and for me, they'll just go with everything!

Oh, and the one that got away, there always is, something you regret not buying!
Would have to be a necklace by SdVDesigns - loved this gorgeous necklace! You really can tell, i love color!


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