Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bathroom R E D U X

I know, i know, ugliest bathroom in the world. I hate my bathroom. Really hate it. The only thing i like is the vintage chicken. (Thank you Quoc Lieu).
It was year's in the cluttered making, aquiring shelves from friends,trying to jazz it up with a colorful shower curtain, but really having no storage, nothing that was nice, no thought, no design, no color, no nothing! It just sorta came together after years of found objects.
So me and Gordon decided it was about time to take a good hard look at the bathroom and try and work our magic. And really think about what we liked, didn't like, colors and objects.
Yes, i made Etsy treasuries as design boards and we critiqued the colors, textures and items we both found for usefulness, design and need.
We were basing everything off the premise of having a more rustic look. We wanted to add some vintage elements and new colors! We looked at the tiles, went to home depot and came home with a bajillion paint swatches and settled with brown and green which would pick up some of the colors from the tiles.
Ah ha! The first step! The paint colors! It was a huge first step right there! Next I cleared out the bathroom, throwing out all the old make shift shelving, shower curtain, and even towels to help keep our look on point without having mismatched pink towels in there. (yes, i said pink. they were a gift, don't judge me) I hid the stuff that was left in our shelves and got to work painting.

Look for subsequent posts about what we made and what we bought!
As well as the big reveal!

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