Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Handmade Mobiles - Leah Pellegrini

Many years ago, i went to the Pepsico sculpture garden to see some of the most magnificent large scale Calder sculptures. I must say that i was immediately smitten. The shapes, the contrast, the scale, wow so perfect. It sparked in me the need to learn more about Alexander Calder and like many people, i rented a documentary about Calder and was just truly blown away by his invention of mobiles! How inspirational that he branded his kinetic sculptures in away that has completely entered the contemporary lexicon. I was smitten to say the least, and it turned me on to kinetic sculptures in general.

The beauty of watching a sculpture move and sway with air current and movement was something that is truly mesmorizing for me and i was finally able to recreate this awe by watching the mobile's of contemporary glass artist Leah Pellegrini. One of the truly magnificent things that i appreciate about her work is that she has reduced the scale of many of her mobiles to be something that can be appreciated in a private home. No need for a 6ft long mobile, you can appreciate one at about a third the scale in your own home, and even at a smaller desktop scale, she makes one that is small enough to stick to the wall in your office and appreciate.

My biggest dilemna right now is figuring out the best place for my mini mobile so i can appreciate it all day long.

(on a personal side note, meeting Leah in person over breakfast was a highlight of my recent trip to Portland as i have admired her work for such a long time!)


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