Friday, March 11, 2011

Ahh the search for Handmade Knee Highs

As any of you who follow my favorites on Etsy Circles know, i have been looking for knee high socks for the last couple of weeks. Its been so cold and snowy here in New York and frankly I'm tired of wearing pants, but my legs get too cold to wear skirts. Searching Etsy for knee high's brought in a slew of hand knit types that while beautiful, were not exactly my style and were very expensive. So the searched continued. until I found these great ones from Mountain Girl Clothing. My first thought was "why didn't i think of that!" such a great use of an old sweater, and you get to keep the best part - the pattern! They are all OOAK as she upcycles them from thrift store finds.

They definitely got me through that cold time to sneak in some skirts without freezing my butt off.