Saturday, February 5, 2011

DAY 4: Making Fingerless Gloves

Now that I have my pattern from Day 2, i can start the fun part of choosing fabric and what not! As this is really just a test of new product to come, i didn't put too much thought into how heavy the fabric was or if i could screenprint on it (which would really be more of what i did with it if it turns out to be something that i wanted to integrate into my line.) So I choose a super cool and sparkly fabric frommy fabric stash, pretty thin, that would go great with everything and not really be used as a fight the coldsort of glove, but more of a Fashion accessory.

The pattern instructions from Burdastyle were pretty rudimentary, with the sample being made from an upcycled sweater, which didn't need hems. So with mine, I made sure to add a seam allowance to all edges. I pinneed and ironed and then sewed the top and bottom hems. The thumb area was a bit tricket, but i treated it like an arm hole, and sewed up thet hem as well (without pinning, there was really no room!)


By now, they are looking pretty good and almost done! Now I just make sure to fold them in half - outside side together. Pin a couple of times, just to get the slippery fabric together, sew up, and i'm done.

I'm really pleased with the way these came out and am definitely thinking of adding some fleece lined black jersey ones with my gray deco design to my winter line.


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