Friday, December 30, 2011

DAY 2: Fingerless Glove Pattern Making

Repost from last year's "Thing a Day"

For Day 2's project, I took my sketch from yesterday and decided it was a great jumping off point to work on more accessories. I did a quick search on Burdastyle to see if they had any open source patterns i could use to base my pattern on and lo and behold, someone had uploaded a Fabric Fingerless Glove Pattern. [FREE] Perfect!

So i downloaded the pattern, printed it out from home, cut it out, and to me it looked like it needed some moderation. For my Hand it seemed slightly too small for the palm of my hand, and definitely needed a seam allowance added, so I got out my trusty brown paper (which was rescued from the packaging from an Amazon order and got to work!)

I flattened out the paper, if you wanted to be anal, you can place a light cloth (a tea towel would be perfect for this) and iron the paper with a spritz of water to help uncrease the wrinkles. I laid the original paper over the brown paper, traced my new lines and added in a half inch seam allowance, cut out, and viola!

My Fingerless Glove Pattern

(oh, and i did make it a bit longer)
stay tuned for tomorrow when i get to choose fun fabric to sew these bad boys with.

- Kimm

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