Monday, February 14, 2011

DAY 12: T shirt refashion sketch

Okay, now I'm getting the groove of my Thing A Day projects and not just trying to work in new product tests for my KimmChi line, but also trying to work on that pile of projects that has accumulated in my house!

Next up is to make something i can wear out of this great tee shirt that Saul from Bare Tree Designs gave me. It's a really great tee shirt design - but the XL size means that I can wear it, unless I want to wear it to sleep.

So I started to make some sketches to flesh out what i wanted to do with it. I knew that I wanted to keep the length of it, but that was about it.

So looks like i'll be modifying the neckline to create a V neck (the present neck is soooo big i have to do something with that. I'll do a bit of a sewn gather in the front area of the shirt. Also a simple drawstring looped into the tee shirt hem that already exists will be easy to do and add a bit of poofy shape that's so in right now, and i can do that with the sleeves as well.

This second sketch shows the redesign a bit more accurately. The sleeves are quite long and will gather about at my elbows. And the gather at the front won't be cut and re-sewn, just gathered. I may even leave the bottom hem as is depending on the overall shape after the high waist gathering happens. Here to Day 9 tomorrow and more sewing!


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