Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PRESENTS: The cool brother in law

And then, ah the picky brother in law! And I shouldn't say pick so much as he will tell you when your gift is not mindful or silly, and how to get a tech geek handmade gifts! Handmade computers don't count, he's already built his own from parts, so it's always a test to be mindful. I have taken to gettting him different artists t shirts of cats each year. I know sounds silly, but it has been a big hit. It all started with a tshirt of a bowl of ice cream and kittens three years ago, and last year was a scuba diving cat, so i had to keep going this year!

AGE: 38
JOB: mentor of child prodigy and genius in the making, Lucas
INTERESTS: Culture, problem solving, tech, cooking, gadget, art, craft, games
OTHER: painfully honest (my pain not his)