Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Illustration

One of my New Year's resolutions has been to actually get out there and see more art! I always want to, but setting it up as a goal, and more loosely thinking i can get out to see a show once a month is really attainable, and gets the creative juices flowing. January's show was Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry at the Gallery Hanahou on Broadway and Houston (show is up thru February 25th). Back in high school and for most of my childhood, all i wanted to be was a fashion designer. By high school, i worked on developing my fashion illustration skills as well as more technical drawing, and i must say, i loved it. Something about the fluid ink of the illustration that really can create a mood.
So i was really drawn to this show and found the curated work to be really excellent. It really rode the line between Fine Art and Fashion illustration, with some of the artists creating wonderfully artistic and colorful renderings of 'looks' : clothing, shoes and sometimes tea and cupcakes. While other artists ignored clothing all together and created watercolor nudes or portraits. So much emotion can be expressed through ink, it was really inspiring.