Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pet Portraits

I always promise myself to make it to Craft Night at the Etsy Labs every Monday to be able to give myself a dedicated 4 hours to create, and it always gets pushed to the bag burner for other projects or errands. But this last project I just could not pass up. Embroidered pet portraits with Cindy Steiler. Look at this wonderful creation of my little Levi.

To create the image, I traced over a print out of a photograph over carbon paper directly onto fabric. I went over the lines with black and white thread in a very casual running stitch that overlapped on to each other, i love the way it turned out, and thank Cindy Steiler for making this project so accessible without using fancy stitches or intricate tracing methods.

I hope to create some more images this way, it was so satisfying to create such a fine piece in less than an hour.