Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Crafting - Paper Trees

This year, instead of getting a full live Christmas tree, or investing in a fake one i could use year after year, I thought I'd craft up some decorations that I could use again and again and add to over time. As always, i look around to what i already have and see what i can make out of it. I have a big box filled with various paper that i've had for years that I'd love to make somethings with as well as a cabinet of ribbon, buttons, fabric and tons of odd and ends - doesn't everyone have a cabinet like that?

After looking at my large pile of paper in soft purples, ochre's and off white - i thought it might be perfect to craft up my own forest of Christmas trees, I searched google for some basic tips and came across this, and modified it to look a bit more tree like. I used a piece of scrap paper, folded it in half, and drew out my 1/2 side of the tree to use as a template while cutting. I went for a more Tim Burton style Christmas tree than a more round retro version, but the taste is up to you and your drawing style. And here is my nice little holiday forest.

Happy Holidays!