Sunday, August 29, 2010

Style Trends at the Buyers Market of American Craft

Well after four days in Baltimore at the Buyers Market of American craft, i think i can start seeing some Handmade Fall trends coming our way, and i must say Etsy Shops were at the cutting edge of that, and they were all over the Buyers Market. As in year's past, many Etsy Teams were invited to participate.

Etsy teams came from Richmond, CREST, New Jersey and Baltimore to co-op and represent etsy's handmade goods to the wholesale crowd. It was great meeting people you have spoken with online (I'm talking about you Abbie Road! so happy to finally meet you after we've emailed back and forth about team events for like two years!)
So many Etsy artists were focusing on organics! Not just as a material but an inspiration...
I came home with these great cheese markers from Peppersprouts, which we immediatley put to use in some delicous grilled cheese sandwiches.

More to come in the next weeks while I go over some purchases of some great handmade goodies i managed to come home with.