Monday, August 30, 2010

Charity Crafting at The Maker Faire

I really love when i can use some of the supplies I have laying around my studio to create something that I can donate. Like all of us, I have a wicked acrylic yarn stash, but one can only create so many scarves before friends catch on that you are making stuff to destash :) So there it all sits in a box. Sadly not doing anything.

Now along comes The {NewNew} with their Maker goal of creating 100 baby hats to be donated to Bronx Lebanon hospital and now my stash has a purpose!! So all last week I gathered up my acrylic yarn (they prefer that) and looked into some free patterns and got down to business. 7 hats down and more to make that weekend at Maker Faire! Bring your unused acrylic yarns stash and get a bag stuffed with goodies! More info to come. September 25 and 26th in Corona Park.