Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion Tip: How to Pull Off Harem Pants

That's right, this generation's Hammer Pants are back with a new name - the ever more feminine H-A -R-E-M pants. Unlike their 1980's predecessor, these pants are much more the "I Dream of Jenie" variety. Rather than the low crotch and tapered leg perfect to be tucked in to your combat boots or um skippies. These updated versions sport a capri length and are more feminine fitting silhouette than the more traditional indian salwar.

How to pull of these super funky pants without looking like a Saved By The Bell Reject...

Do not, i repeat DO NOT where these pants with patterns! Do not buy them with patterns on them, do not wear them with a patterned shirt. It can go from elegantly hip to clowny in a second. Stick to basic colors, brown, black, gray... you want it to look like the look has evolved, not stayed in 1989.

Some elegant bangles or clunky necklace will provide the perfect accent to your muted colors. I like to wear mine with a great piece from Quoc Lieu that is nice and big and distinctive and really catches they eye. It allows me to stand out while still wearing all black. Or Wabisabi Brooklyn's necklaces are perfect for this, great bold focus points.

No heels, please no heels! These pants are meant to convey a comfortable relaxed look, think elegant on the beach - please don't tart them up with heels, it will ruin the look. Try pairing them with some real basic sandals or rustic flats.

Hope those rules help you wear your new harem pants with confidence!