Sunday, July 4, 2010

I HEART the Statue of Liberty - always have!

I have always loved the Statue of Liberty, ever since I was little. When i was about 8, i wrote a report on her for Women's History month and won a city wide contest based on that essay and accompanying sculpture. I was so proud. I got to meet the mayor and everything (who can forget Ed Koch!) who gave me a snazzy golden apple pin.

I wrote about what an inspirational figure she was to immigrants coming to America through Ellis Island and what she stood for to everyone - freedom, opportunity, hope...

By the time most of my grandparents came to America, they flew in, but my grandma Eloise did make the boat trip through Ellis Island, and her name appears on the log books. They are really who I think of on the 4th of July, not wars or winning, but the patriotism of knowing what America stood for and stands for to so many and hoping that you are keeping up with their dreams and sacrifices.

Happy Independence Day