Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Governors Island Inspiration

For each of my designs, my process is completely different. From inspirational fonts to decorative elements from India and Japan, I've often looked towards architectural reliefs that display ornaments whose sole function is decoration. I respond to that type of simple beauty. Clean lines, bold shapes. Foliage. Scrolling. I love it all. I do try and use my environment to shape my designs, as with the Indian inspired paisley and my newest designs are no exception. I scoured photos from my first trip to Governor's Island and the most inspirational to me were the glorious New York city buildings.So I took one of those great geometric buildings and and really worked on it, cleaning up the image and adding more decoration to the simple grid patterns, overlapping swirls, size differences and more movement to the image. I pared it with my japanese pinwheel image to create a fun memento of a day trip to Govenors Island.