Monday, February 22, 2010

Sesame Street at the Brooklyn Public Library

If you are like, me, you grew up with fond memories of Sesame Street, and watched it ritualistically when you were home, as well as was a devote follower of the Muppet Show. Well, if you were, you are in for a treat! The Brooklyn Public Library [MAP] is hosting a small exhibit of original drawings, puppets and other ephemera from the original television show.
They brought back so many memories, from Praire Dawn to Guy Smiley :) An dthe drawings and paintins they had were also great, very crisp and colorful. It was nice to see all of the works at once: drawings, painting, puppets, clay models, plush puppets and emmy's! It's a small exhibit, but if you are in the area, a great way to spend half an hour, you'll be guaranteed to walk out with a smile on your face.