Thursday, January 7, 2010

Appliqué whose way??

Just a quick post to post a couple of photos of the new book i got - Appliqué Your Way by Kayte Terry.

A quick page flip to pages 30 and 32 in the wearables section finds Your's Truly showing off a great appliqued jacket and sweater. It was a fun photo shoot out in Red Hook for the book, and even more exciting to see the finished product with such great products.

Good friend and fellow {NewNew}er Cakehouse also has a great placemat appliqué project on page 75. I love the versatility of appliqué and the way it enables you to reinvigorate shabby pieces in your wardrobe to create a new piece that is vibrant and stylish. I already have a couple of garments in my closet that are need alittle hole repair, and appliqué will be a perfect technique to rejuvenate them. Look for some before and after shots of new projects in the new year.