Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surprise Farm Share

A friend's neighbor was out of town and let me pick up their weekly farm share - and this was the bounty! Scrumptous! I made a delicious pesto sauce immediately and tossed that with the leaks an some whole wheat pasta for the first meal with a salad of the mixed green and the radish. Day 2 was roasted purple potatoes with squash and garlic - it was soo good, and simple in the oven - with some butter and majoram. The next night all I had left was the peppers and garlic so i chopped those up and made red beans and rice.

I was so inspired by getting a sack of random veggies and the fun of figuring out what to do with them and being forced to make things you wouldn't normally I signed up for my local winter farm share. {for other areas in Brooklyn - check this link out} And thankfully the winter share doesn't have a work shift requirement - not that I am that lazy! But hard to work things in sometimes....

So here's to a winter of Fresh local veggies!