Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artwork Find!

I love finding unexpected things on the streets in NYC.
Well, I found this framed poster on my walk home last night.
The drawing is really strong, so many lines and things to keep your eye moving over the piece with spots of color. And it has words placed throughout the black line drawing - "But For remembrance sake", "That is all beautiful" in pale colors over the construction scene vertically. It seems to be from a Ben Shahn retrospective at the Jewish Musuem, here are some other works, but frankly, i like the drawings better than the paintings, the contrast of the darks and lights and weights really keeps your eye moving through the piece.

I ran back this morning to see what other framed prints were in the pile (it was hard to tell at night), and they were all gone! Oh well, gotta be quick for free art.