Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What i bought at the Handmade Cavalcade

Every time i vend at a craft fair, i get such a wandering eye... I can't help it, I mean you are surrounded by such great quality handmade wares for 8 hours, and you wouldn't be able to resist either!

At this year's Fall Handmade Cavalcade, I felt like splurging! And I didn't have to look far for a cure for my shopping bug. I have been looking for a small charm necklace that is very tight around my neck - like on a 15" chain, so it would always fall above my shirts and i found the perfect one in this hand cut gun necklace by Caja Jewelry. [I also have my eye on the bomb, maybe i will pick that one up at a later date]. Just look at the detail. Really gorgeous.And after limping through a charlie horse in my calf all week [don't laugh, i bored many people to tears complaining about it all day] I spotted just the thing to soak my troubles away - this scented bath salt soak by Beyond The Picket Fence. Yum, love the scent - Lavendar and Geranium - it also comes in lemon and sage [I think, don't hold me to that], and look at this great bottle! I don't have to hide it away, it actually looks quite nice on the shelf in the bathroom.SEE! I didn't splurge that much! I only bought a couple of things! Ohhh, do I have to report on the three cupcakes and pumpkin bread i bought from the Groovy Baker? Shhhhh! It doesn't count if none of it came home with me :)