Thursday, April 30, 2009

Knitta on Montague Street

With the simple pattern in hand - and some HUGE size 19 knitting needles, I met KnitKnit and Red Bridge Studio at the Etsy labs to make sure i was doing this right! I balled up the yarn, so I could cast on with three strands at a time, to make the cozy nice and thick! And off I went! KnitKnit even showed me how to do the purl stitch (which is just like the knit stitch, but in reverse!).

Once I was somewhat certain I could take on this project, I signed up to participate with Knitta Please and the Montague Street BID (Business Improvement District) who have developed - 69 Meters, a public-art project to cover the 69 parking meters down Montague Street in Brooklyn, NY with knitted cozies in blues, pinks and greens. With the installation on the evening of May 13th, and the final pieces due by May 5th, that doesnt leave me much time to get my cozy on!

Wow, my piece is really coming out well! At least to me for my first knitting project. Okay, I have some dropped stitches, and no idea how I'm gonna bind off here! But I'll solve that problem when I come to it!