Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Learned to knit For Knitta!

A bad crocheter at best, I have always wanted too try my hand at knitting. The knots just look more elegant and wearable to me. Though the desire has been there for quite some time, the actual motivation has not, so a pair of borrowed needles have sat idle for a while.

Then, several weeks ago, an email came through to my inbox about The {NewNew} partnering on a public arts project with Knitta Please! A knitting group that takes knitting to the streets and tags up the local environment with knitted sleeves on sign posts and parking meters.... you can even spot their handy work on the Welcome to Brooklyn sign when you turn off the Williamsburg Bridge. And they were looking for more knitters to help with a project right here in Brooklyn.

Well, never one to back down from a public art project and the challenge of learning how to knit, I decided that THIS was the motivation I have been looking for! My first step was to take out those dusty needles and some yarn and scouring the internet (mainly YouTube) for some knitting tutorials. The one I felt was most helpful to me was Threadbanger's. the language is simple, and I replayed it over and over again until I cast on and did a few stitches. Even that made me giddy with pride. I practiced with some enormous size 19 needles (which I wouldn't recommend), but it did help me see what i was doing clear as day.

But something didn't seem right, maybe the needles were too big, but this thing couldn't be a stitch! I needed help. Stay tuned for the next installment - KnitKnit and Red Bridge Studio at the Etsy Labs try to help me!

And photos to come!