Saturday, May 12, 2012

Supply sale - fabric, trim, thread, chalk, you name it!

As many makers, crafters and sewers i know, i am a supply hoarder. There, i said it. Thanks to the fabulous Rosi of Hanky Blanky I got chance to increase my own hoard that much more!  And oh what a treasure trove it was! Vintage items, fabric, shoes, thread, lace, trim - it was hard to contain myself. Some great finds i couldn't resist:


VINTAGE SCARVES! I have been trying to break into creating some KimmChi scarves for the holiday gifting season, so these are a bit of research for me, what sizes work, patterns, textures, etc. They are all so beautiful! I may even screen print on some and create an upcycled section of my shop. I love inspiring new purchases.

THREAD AND FINDINGS: I went home with some chalk, thread, lace trim and even some more fabric for winter cowls and infinity scarves. I scored a nice chunk of black wool, that will make some wonderful winter neckwarmers.

This is the last week of the sale, and i'm super glad i went when i did, i may have to sneak back up to 25th street for a final look this week.

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