Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greenpoint Gallery Tour

E.K Buckley at Yes! Gallery
I had an exciting night at the Greenpoint Gallery Tour. It's always inspiring and centering to be able to see so much great work in a short amount of time! My head was spinning with all the color, texture, lines and perspective to take in. I knew i wasn't going to hit all 30, and took the most direct route i could up Manhattan Avenue starting at Nassau.
I loved the way the gallery tour incorporated galleries as well as local shopping haunts like Dandelion wine, Modern Vintage and Habitat! I didn't bother going in to the bars on the list - just too dark to see art!

Here's my list of the spots i got to hit:

Yes! Gallery - awesome paintings by EK Buckley. Me and my partner kept throwing around names like - if Shiele, Picasso and Bacon had a baby, it would paint like Buckley. Great use of contrasting colors and line to really grab your attention.
Brooklyn Artists's Alliance
Brooklyn Artist's Alliance where i bought a copy of Awkhold - more on that in another post, because such awesomeness needs to get shared in detail!

Couldn't fit into Gspot, as there was a group in their before we got there, but the art looked great! Sort of like decorative monotone graffiti india ink paintings, but that was the best i could tell from the outside.
from Vintage Modern
Vintage Modern - I bought a cool peach and mimosa scented candle, hand poured in Brooklyn, as well as some beautiful thank you cards, even tho what made me go through the doors were two beautiful prints on the wall that i had to get a closer look at.

The One Well - my partner nicknamed this place restraint, because that's what i showed by not purchasing all of the amazing housewares and jewelry! I had my eye on some amazing napkins with horses screenprinted on them, very vintage looking, also some locally made cleaning products (i am a sucker for some organic hand soap). Oh and they also had some really beautiful wall art!

Ugly Art Room at Dandelion Wine - I first came upon Ugly Art Room at the Williamsburg street fest's last summer, and loved their mission of accessible art! They had some work up at the Dandelion wine shop, NiƱas by Lisa G. Bauer. It was a great collection of sorta moodie lady paintings.

Fowler Art Collective - one of the highlights for me, because i love groups :) What a great space they had with studio space for their co-op in the back and the exhibition space in the front. Some of my favorite pieces were here - From Samuel Stabler's delicate watercolor work to the vibrating use of contrasting color and white space of Brian Wilmont. (Sorry no pics, it was too crowded) 

West of Noble- an amazing amazing furniture store participated in the artwalk, and had work by several different artist's peppered through the store. From collage to water colors, it was really great work, and i loved the setting of the store with amazing works in woods to contrast these delicate works on paper.

West of Noble
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