Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ed Ruscha: typographical art

I must say that growing up, seeing Ed Ruscha's work, u *gulp* found it boring! I know, I know, i think I only truly started appreciating his work when i became a graphic designer. Which makes perfect sense, as that is where he began!I had a chance to see some of his work in person in Germany (sometimes you have to travel across the world to gain appreciation for an American Artist!) as well as seeing his work in the context of the time period in The Cool School - which really made me appreciate the word paintings as backlash to abstract expressionism and as part of the LA Art scene.
Part of the pop art movement, Rushcha's work incorporates words and phrases into his paintings and drawings, and as far as i can tell, his last working year was 1992 - some really moody silhouettes. They tell a story unto themselves, in a great progression from his more pop art beginnings, they seem almost like film narratives.

- Kimm

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