Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 T-Shirt reuse DIY tutorials

Update, January 10, 2012
I keep finding more, do you know of any i can add?


Already in 2012 i've bookmarked tons of tutorials on re-use and thought i'd offer up a great selection here on tee shirt re-use tutorials. So go upcycle some old college shirts or go to your local thrift store and pick some up for cheap and get going making some of these great projects!

OOoooh i love these! So cute.
Check out the full tutorial at Matsutake blog
All you need is some fabric strips from an old tee shirt, a sewing machine and some glue! Great embellishments for purses, tops, pillows, anything you can imagine. I think this would also work great with any fabric scraps you have, just be mindful of raw unfinished edges that might unravel after a wash (which is why this tee shirt jersey is perfect for this)

I am sort of a late adopter of headbands. 20 years of short hair did not help breed a love of hair accessories, but now, the world i s my oyster. I've been searching for some headband tutorials for a long time, and have never liked what i found - mostly thick fabric strap sort of projects. This braided knit jersey DIY project looks perfect for me. Try the regular braided or learn how to braid with five strands!

or try making a hip Tshirt scarf by Originate and renovate

I have a secret fascination with woven rugs. There I said it. I recently found some beautiful ones on Etsy (GreenAtHeartRugs.Etsy.com), but its nice to know i could turn a stash of old tee shirts into my very own rug with this tutorial at FamilyFun.
Specialty tool: hula hoop

I didn't want to be too heavy on the tee shirt redo because the internet is littered with them. But this tee shirt into a shrug at Cut out and Collect, was something i hadn't seen before. Its so feminine, i love it. And i love all the photos of the projects folks have made with it, makes it really inspiring to try it yourself.

or try Tee shirt into apron by Ruffles and Stuff

or this great TShirt into skirts! by Sew Like my Mom

And look at these from Green Living ideas. So get to work on that stash of old tees and make something awesome with them! Did I miss any great ones?

- Kimm

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