Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lessons learned: week 1

Wow, its been a great first week! I can't help but compare my sales totals to last year's presence and I can already see a huge change, and we haven't even started getting busy. I really tried to re-imagine my area as a store front presence and shake the craft fair mentality of everything having to be easy to break down in an hour. Below are some tips on handling the difference between an outdoor ongoing market and a craft fair, hope they're helpful.

1. That little space heater is fine for now, but get an electric blanket for those 10 degree days. I'll wear it sarong style, i swear it will look cool.

2. DO NOT stand all day, hits your body like a marathon! Get a high chair and sit, then you can still greet and look customers in the eye without the formality of getting up.

3. WD40 those pesky booth zippers, they are so sticky and hurt your fingers.

4. We all want to be slammed busy, but their are definitely dead times! Instead of sitting their hunched over your phone, bring some busy work to help yourself. Bring stock to label, pendants to string, even a knitting project.

5. Its always great when your newsletter folks come by because they got your email (sign up here). And boy does it help when a flurry of shoppers come in, so let them know where you are - insentivize their visit with a customer coupon.

(Thank you Courtney, Alicia, Andrea, Lu, Scott, David, Jenn, Dina, Derek, Jen, Michelle, Caitlin, Sara, Matt, Kim, Tanya) - check out some of their gorgeous work below! And find them at Craft Fairs around the city)

- Kimm

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