Friday, October 7, 2011

My favorite Fabric store - NYC

Back in the day, i used to get my fabric from Woolworth's while it was still in New York. It was awesome, you could get so many sewing and craft supplies there, but i haven't seen one of those stateside since the 90's!

Now, a quick google search will give you hundreds of listings for NYC fabric stores - of course topped by Mood - made famous by Project Runway. While yes, i have been there and shopped there, it's not my favorite.

My favorite is P & S Fabrics on Broadway. Maybe its the location in the city where back in the day there used to be tons of fabric and upholstery stores that you could explore. Or maybe it's the lady that remind me of my grandmother who helps you and cuts your yardage. But i think it's their fantastic sale rack!

If your visiting NYC, its definitely worth checking out!

- Kimm

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