Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane preparedness NYC style

Like most folks on the Eastern sea board, New York is preparing for Hurricane Irene. Which means, searching Etsy for tea lights (damn, i wish i had thought about these before, but oooooh how cool is that... i'll favorite that for the next hurricane), checking your Evacuation zone (we are right at Zone 3, so don't worry about us Alfingley's, we'll make it through), stocking up on toilet paper, cat food, beef jerky, but also what about crafting!

With all this potential time trapped in my house watching the rain fall down and the wind whip up, i want to at least be making something with my hands! And that means no sewing or electrical machinery, as i'm just not sure we'll have power at all times.

So I've been scouring my pinterest project board for some inspiration, and looking through Lion Brand's free tutorials (they have some really great projects).

What about you?
What fun things are you doing to while away the hurricane watch?

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