Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What we made: The Bathroom Redo

Our great bathroom redo, did not involve too many How-To projects apart from the painting, hanging new curtains, custom light fixyure and a new shower pole that create more room in the shower itself.

We choose two paint colors to be able to add some depth to the bathroom and actually did the majority of the painting with the bolder of the two colors and used the more muted colors for our detail work. The light fixtures, we bought a bunch of these double headed fixtures at ikea and have grown and shrunk it constantly depending on how much light we wanted. (I always opt for more light in the bathroom, i need it to wake me up in the morning!

But there was one little detail we wanted to include and wanted to make ourselves:
Silverware hooks. I've seen them all around and really love the way they look! and the big reveal....

Ahhhhh so much nicer. And now i'm on to redo the kitchen! Huzzah!

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