Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration: Pablo Palazuelo

While in Barcelona last month we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. It had some great works by Warhol (woot! I had never seen an oxidation painting in person before, that was pretty cool) as well as Ruscha and Hirst.
But one of the great things about Contemporary Art Museums is being introduced to something completely new to you and being inspired. Especially with regional contemporary art.
Such was the case with Pablo Palazuelo! I was really impressed and inspired by the abstract forms of this Madrid artist.
Love the limited color palette! It really brings out the elegant, clean silhouettes that the artists creates. It makes each line and shape pop.
You can see the influences that his architectural background really had on his paintings. They are reduced to communications of form and composition, something probably also influenced by cubism which was at its height twenty years prior to his entree into painting. A quick google image search revealed tons of dramatic abstract compositions by the artist. truly inspiring!

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