Saturday, April 30, 2011

What we bought: The Bathroom Redo

Our first bathroom need was shelving. We had all this awful shelving that just didn't work, was mismatched and screamed I FOUND THIS ON THE STREET (which um, we did) See old pic here. Our second decision (after paint colors) was to try and use an old rustic crate and repurpose it as bathroom shelving. We scoured vintage markets, but found they were so inflated pricewise that we felt better about buying it on Ebay and having it shipped then spending $50 at our local junk shop (btw, it was still less that $50, the crate below with shipping was $32)As the crate was the focus, we just wanted to fill out the room with some other small touches that added to it's ambience. I had my eye on these wooden flowers from Uncommon for a while. And opted to get mine in mustard yellow to compliment the browns and greens of the bathroom. When i bought them i didn't know exactly where i'd put them, but ended up sticking them in a fern i had to add a nice pop of color.I also wanted to add some art, but was afraid of a full painting to be in such a moist place, so i opted for some mini art prints from Restless Things by Olivia Jeffries. I love their vintage feel, and the size perfectly fit in to some white frames i had on hand (gosh, who doesn't hoard frames!)
These all added some delicate touches to the bathroom that i definitely couldn't have made myself and went really nicely with the colors and vintage elements. The beauty is really in the details, so I also bought a great wooden handcut light switch cover of a heart turning into an acorn from Tender Loving Empire in Portland, but i don't know who the artists was as they didn't put any info on the piece itself. SO note to all you handmade artists out there - make sure to brand your work so customers can find you later!

All in all, we spent just about $100 on these pieces.

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