Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Fabric

As i constantly ponder my business, where it's going and how to grow it and introduce new items, styles and techniques, I have always been curious about Spoonflower. I remember when it was a super exclusive invitation only beta site and only those that worked in the industry could experiment with making their own fabric.

As the site opened up to the general public, I knew some designers who had used the site to make some great cotton fabric for sale, and I also knew that Etsy used them to make their ornament kits and fabric bunting for shows. What i saw looked really great, but i couldn't convince myself that i would use 100% cotton quilting weight to make any apparel. It's just not perfect for what i would use it for. But over the past year, they have introduced jersey fabric and silk! WOOT! Being available in 7 different fabrics was definitely the push i needed to start experimenting! My mind filled with skirts, blouses, headbands and all sorts of fun things that i am working on for summer, so i gave myself three hours as a deadline to work on some fabric designs and here is the first one:
I'm really happy with it, and have already experimented with it in 3 different colorways for summer. My test swatch is on the way!