Sunday, February 13, 2011

Test Photos

So excited to have some test photos of new product coming down the pipe!
A bit about my photographer:

Ashleigh Castro is an upcoming photographer, born in New York and now based in San Francisco. Her work is urban with a documentary style, which she has expressed in three collections of work to date.

Comfortable photographing different scenes from the mystical experience of band performances, portraiture and and diptychs of New York City and San Francisco. Her work can be seen here

Her documentary style photograph collections includes her political work documenting the Immigration hearings of Daniel. Through her lens she captures and tells the story of one young man caught in the void of the United States Immigration law. The story of a young man in a country that is all he's ever known, with family, friends, school and love, being forced to accommodate the same immigration rules of someone choosing to break laws and come into the country illegally. Her work reveals the tender die of a complicated political issue and gives a face to thousands of illegal aliens who are forced to leave this country even though they were brought here with no will of their own.

Her exploration of complex gender stereotypes can be seen in her Women in Masks Collection which depicts a range of women portrayed in various animal masks. Harking back to the Victorian idea of hysteria and women's animalistic sexuality that needed to be harnessed and controlled lest it cause madness. Each photo depicts a lone woman, dressed in provocative costume confronting the viewer through the eyes of an animal mask. Dehumanized and sexualized at the same time. Powerful work that hits something raw with the uncomfortable gaze of each subject.

Her work is both reflective of her environment while also making statements and exploring contemporary societal issues. The work can be both uplifting, beautiful and startling at the same time.


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