Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plant Sill update

I spent the day last Saturday looking at my window sill and clearing it out of um dead plants and repotting tons of them after a great summer so they can thrive. My succulents specifically had a great summer, and it was time to show them some love and spread them out a bit.I kinda did a little experiment after watching an Etsy How Tuesday on creating a lightbulb terrarium I sorta realized that plants CAN survive without drainage holes as long as there is some internal drainage. So i have these great cups that frankly are too big to drink out of that would make perfect pot holders on the window to reflect some light etc.
So my secret here was to fill the bottom with about an inch of small pepples, and an inch of cork, that should help absorb and redistribute moisture as is needed - so here's to rarely watering these plants again!
And hopefully a long and fruitful summer of growth in their new pots, with tons of room to branch out - pun intended.