Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes you have to give to get

As many of you already know about me, i am an avid supporter of friends projects! I love going to art openings to see friend's work as well as knowing the person who made the clothes i wear. I am a believer that we create these networks that help us inspire and support each other. So I must say in a completion impartial way that i have a pretty kick ass network of artististic and creative friends! From fashion designers to foodies to filmmakers, its always exciting to see what my network is up to and supporting them. This Holiday, one film i got to sponsor on Indiegogo is a film by my good friend Renita about a pioneering woman in the field of experimental sound. The whole documentary sound really cool. You can follow the film's blog here, or keep updated on facebook here. As a sweet little thank you, the film's director sent me this super awesome handmade plush toy. The little cat is adorable.