Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

craft projects involved:
1. Dying! This coat was wayyyy to0 light colored to be Dekard's dark trench coat, two baths in some brown dye darkened it up nicely. It's gonna be dark at night, we weren't going for perfection.

2. Is hair knotting a craft?? Well I think its is! How ladies in the 1940's got their hair into this shape without wearing a hairpiece, i have no idea, bit with a couple if twists and a firm tie, this new hairpieces was attached and large enough i think to get the silhouette I needed for Rachel

3. Best use of upcycling- plastic bags to stuff my shoulders with!

I still can't believe I had 90% of this stuff just laying around.

RACHEL + DEKARD from Blade Runner