Friday, November 19, 2010

Handmade Doily

I have always wanted to try and attempt crochet at a more delicate level. I have a bunch of books, for crochetted lace, but honestly some of the directions are so difficult for me to read, ad if i can't visualize it, the project never gets very far. This time, i found a great pattern that i could sort of visualize how it was made before reading the pattern so i thought it was a great place to start.DAY 1: I was off to a pretty rocky start! I was trying to use very lose stitches as my plan is to felt it afterwards and it kept ruffling, and i need it to be flat, so i had to keep unravelling and reducing the number of stitches to try and keep a tighter design.
DAY 2: The pattern is beginning to really come out. But I'm noticing I'm not getting some of the pattern in the original design since I had to modify it for my stitches. So I went back and studied the image in the book and their pattern.
DAY 3: Ahhh The pattern is really coming together and I'm thinking a couple more rows and i'll be done. I'm about adding in more stitches into the design to keep it flat as right now it's really trying to fold in on itself!
DAY 4: Complete!

Now that was 4 bus rides of work, and I'm ready for another one!